Edge of Mythos is a game designer company based in Athens, Greece. We aim at creating games with character, that share our unique view of the world.



We believe that any creatively created piece of art, be it a game or anything else, carries with it its own tale and this tale creates this object’s myth. The myth is what makes anything unique, it’s what gives us purpose and what we, as a company, are trying to show the world.
Any concept, any idea and any project can be part of the myth, built upon and elevate it.
We simply want to share our view of the myth with the world.
 Alexandros Papadakis

Alexandros Papadakis is a passionate game designer and gamer of every medium. Starting his journey with boardgame and card game design, he walked his way through the mediums of tabletop role-playing games and video-games.

Having studied economics, game development and a fair share of game systems, creativity comes naturally with every new assignment.

Phoevos Kraniotakis

Phoevos-Dimosthenis Kraniotakis is a game designer from Greece.

With a lot of experience in creative writing, game development and text editing, from 2011 until now he has worked with several people and teams in the fields of game design and concept creation/research.

He is also one of the main creators of Cityscape. An experimental, interactive teaching method, which utilizes an educational platform based on role-playing games and play-learning techniques.

Phoevos Kraniotakis