A Home Reforged


A Pen & Paper RPG about
Reclaiming One's Own Lost Homeland....

A Home Reforged is a setting centered around the struggles of companies of dwarves, trying to reclaim and rebuild their long-lost homes. These dwarves have lost their former kingdoms, after a great revolution against the tyranny of their old kings.
Now, they roam the land, focusing on the values of family and unity to stay alive and retain their sense of purpose and belonging.
The path is difficult, and many will die, but they keep fighting and pushing forward with the hopes to, one day, being able to witness again the walls of their old capitals and rebuild them.
A Home Reforged is designed in the spirit of David Black’s The Black Hack, but it is very easily adaptable to any old-school RPG system.
Every aspect of the game is specifically designed to offer a unique dwarven adventure, while light on the rules and heavy in flavor.
 The game contains some original rules and themed abilities though, which can be used as is or be easily adapted to any other game.
In A Home Reforged, death is not the end of your game. With the game’s specialized “Heirloom system” when a character dies, another dwarf from their clan takes their place, receiving the old character’s clan heirloom and swearing a grudge to avenge them. The game also contains original rules about both exploration and settlement building.
What is this book?

A whole system and setting with dwarves as the main focus, wrapped up in a 60-page zine.

This includes:

Unique Classes
Based on classic fantasy archetypes but built upon dwarven principle.

Original rules

Rules for exploration, settlement-building, clans, and a leveling system based on a character’s mighty deeds.

Powerful factions

The Dwarves are not the only denizens of the Deep Underground. There are three major and three minor factions of creatures.

Monstrous Creatures

In addition to the monsters usually found in a dungeon, unique creatures inhabit the tunnels of the Deep Underground.


Tables with locations that provide inspiration to make your own version of the Deep Underground.
 Explore the Ruins of Nur Burim, to reclaim an ancient Dwarven forge in the heart of a volcano. The story is full of keyed maps and is a great start for every campaign.